K.K. Downing Steel Mill – BRITISH STEEL

Special report on K.K. Downing’s Steel Mill website on BRITISH STEEL.

Here are Roy Z’s thoughts on this monumental record.

“When you think of JUDAS PRIEST you think of ‘British Steel’ maybe moreso than any other album. For one, there is the iconic album cover artwork which is possibly the most striking metal cover of all time. The razor blade with the Priest logo across and the album title written on it epitomizes HEAVY METAL like nothing else I can think of. Genius!

Musically, it was the record where Priest really came into their own as the creators of anthemic heavy metal for the ages with ‘Metal Gods’, ‘Living After Midnight’, ‘United’ and of course, ‘Breaking the Law.’ Talk about ‘Hall of Fame’-worthy. On the other hand, there’s stuff like ‘Rapid Fire’, an unbelievably heavy and intense tune for its time, an early blueprint for the more extreme forms of metal yet to come with speed and thrash, the menacing ‘Grinder’ or ‘Steeler’, another unheralded gem. And how cool is that dash of reggae in ‘The Rage’?

Seeing K.K., Rob, Glenn, Ian, and Scott perform these songs on the ‘British Steel’ anniversary tour last summer made me realize anew just how monumental an accomplishment this album truly is.

Thanks guys for inspiring not only me but countless others around the world with your music and ‘British Steel’ in particular. Keep the metal flowing!”

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