Roy Z Discography


Year Album Artist Roy Z. Credit
2017 The Complete Albums Collection Rob Halford Engineer, Guitar, Mixing, Producer
2016 Extended Versions Halford Composer, Guitar, Producer
2015 The Essential Halford Rob Halford Composer, Producer
2014 The Box Set Series Judas Priest Producer
2013 Abachalypse Now Sebastian Bach Guest Artist, Composer
2012 Bad Decisions The Last Vegas Arranger, Composer
2012 The Complete Albums Collection Judas Priest Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2012 Zombie Squash [Original Soundtrack] Roy Z Primary Artist, Composer

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2011 Kairos Sepultura Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2011 Kicking & Screaming Sebastian Bach Composer
2011 Live at Saitama Super Arena Halford Producer, Engineer, Guitars
2011 Live at Saitama Super Arena [DVD/Blu-Ray] Halford Producer, Guitar
2010 Halford IV: Made of Metal Halford Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Composer
2010 Live In Aneheim [DVD] Halford Producer, Engineer, Guitar
2010 Live in Anaheim Halford Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Group Member, Composer
2010 Made of Metal Halford Producer, Engineer, Guitar
2010 Seven the Hardway Seven the Hardway Producer, Mixing
2010 The Music of Judas Priest Judas Priest Producer
2010 This Is the Blues, Vol. 4 Guitar, Primary Artist
2009 Halford III: Winter Songs Halford Producer, Engineer, Guitar
2009 Jump the Gun: The Collection Sinner Composer
2009 Ravenous Wolf Producer, Mixing, Guitar (Acoustic), Composer
2008 Collections Judas Priest Audio Production
2008 Heart Breakers: A Collection of Hard Rock Composer
2008 Into the Pit Fight Producer, Mixing, Remixing, Soundtrack Producer, Soundtrack Mixing
2008 K5: The War of Words – Demos Fight / Fight K5 Mixing, Multi-Track Mix
2008 Live at Rock in Rio III Halford Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Soundtrack Producer, Surround Mix, Composer
2008 Perpetual Flame Yngwie Malmsteen Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2008 Sons of Thunder Driver Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Bass, Composer
2007 Angel Down Sebastian Bach Producer, Mixing, Audio Production, Composer
2007 Execution Live Reunion Tribuzy Guest Artist, Producer, Mixing, Guitar, Primary Artist
2007 Garden of Chaos Rob Rock Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Keyboards, Percussion, Bass, Soloist, Composer, Guitars
2007 Heroes of Steel: Chapter 4 Composer
2007 Metal God Essentials, Vol. 1 Halford Producer, Mixing, Guitar, Composer
2007 Passenger Mnemic Soloist, Composer
2007 Super Hits Judas Priest Producer
2006 Dweller on the Threshold Tribe of Gypsies Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Group Member
2006 Heavy Metal Masters Composer
2006 Storm Warning Violent Storm Guest Artist, Engineer, Additional Personnel, Guitar, Soloist, Featured Artist
2005 Alive Bruce Dickinson Producer, Engineer, Main Personnel, Guitar, Bass Instrument, Composer
2005 Angel of Retribution Judas Priest Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2005 Elegies Machine Men Composer
2005 Execution Tribuzy Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Soloist
2005 Holy Hell Rob Rock Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Guitars, Bass, Soloist, Composer
2005 Rock of Ages, Vol. 2 Composer
2005 Tyranny of Souls Bruce Dickinson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Guitar, Bass Instrument, Bass, Composer
2004 Darker Than Black Cage Lead
2004 Metal for Life PainmuseuM Engineer, Mixing
2003 Eyes of Eternity Rob Rock Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Audio Production, Guitar, Bass, Executive Producer, Drum Editing, Composer, Guest Artist, Soloist
2003 Fourging the Furnace Halford Producer, Mixing, Composer
2002 Crucible Halford Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Composer
2002 Rock This Way Live, Vol. 2 [2002] Composer
2002 Treasure Chest Helloween Producer
2001 Heavy Metal: Geomatrix Producer, Composer
2001 Live Insurrection Halford Producer, Mixing, Executive Producer, Composer
2001 Metal Dreams, Vol. 3 Producer
2001 The Best of Bruce Dickinson Bruce Dickinson Producer, Guitar, Piano, Mellotron, Multi Instruments, Composer
2001 The Code of Life Warrior Composer
2001 The Way It Should Be… Producer
2001 Unholy Terror W.A.S.P. Guest Artist, Guitar
2000 Check Your People Downset Producer
2000 Mr. Torture Helloween Producer, Mixing
2000 Peter Green Songbook Guitar
2000 Rage of Creation Rob Rock Guest Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Executive Producer
2000 Resurrection Halford Producer, Engineer, Audio Production, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Composer
2000 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Tribe of Gypsies Producer, Guitar
2000 The Dark Ride Helloween Producer, Engineer
1999 Dark Hallucinations Steel Prophet Guitar, Guitars
1999 Scream for Me Brazil Bruce Dickinson Producer, Composer, Engineer
1998 Ancient Future Warrior Guitar, Bass, Composer
1998 Child’s Play 4: The Bride of Chucky Composer
1998 ECW: Extreme Music Producer, Mixing, Performer, Primary Artist
1998 Revolucion 13 Tribe of Gypsies Producer, Guitar
1998 The Chemical Wedding Bruce Dickinson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Primary Artist, Main Personnel, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass Instrument, Soloist, Composer
1997 Accident of Birth Bruce Dickinson Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Guitar, Piano, Mellotron, Composer
1997 Metallurgy, Vol. 3: Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em Producer
1997 Nationwide Roadsaw Producer, Engineer
1997 Nothing Lasts Forever Tribe of Gypsies Producer, Guitar
1997 Oui Avant-Garde a Chance Skyclad Guest Artist
1997 The Best of Metal Composer
1996 Do We Speak a Dead Language? Downset Producer
1996 Downsizing the American Dream Tree Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Composer
1996 Tribe of Gypsies Tribe of Gypsies Producer, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Group Member, Composer
1995 Alive in Studio A Bruce Dickinson Composer
1995 Feel Lucky Punk Klover Producer, Engineer, Composer
1995 Rattlesnake Guitar: The Music of Peter Green Guitar
1995 Soul Arch: The Theologian Compilation Producer, Composer
1994 Balls to Picasso Bruce Dickinson Main Personnel, Guitar, Bass Instrument, Composer
1994 Downset Downset Producer, Mixing
1994 Shoot All [#1] Bruce Dickinson Composer
1994 Shoot All [#2] Bruce Dickinson Composer
1994 The War of Words Fight Mixing, Soundtrack Producer
Countdown Driver Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar, Bass, Vocal Engineer, Composer
Deltanaut Deltanaut Producer, Engineer, Guitar
Fallen Hero Shades of Crimson Producer, Engineer, Guitar
Lapis Lazuli Kattah Producer, Engineer
Life of Lies Downsiid Producer, Engineer
Reloaded Al Atkins Guitar
Secret Garden Angra Pre-Production
Son Locuaz Son Locuaz Producer
Stomp the Ground A Balance of Power Mixing
Sweet Salvation The Last Vegas Producer, Engineer
The Distortion of Lies and the Overdriven Truth One Machine Mixing